Natural park „Vrachanski Balkan“ was designated as protected territory in the end of 1989, and since March 1997 it was designated as protected site with international importance. The park territory comprises an area of 28 803.9 hectares and it is the second largest natural park in Bulgaria. Large areas of the park are occupied by surface karst forms like hollows, pools and caverns, whose margins are surrounded by huge beech forests. Within the park are found some of the most fascinating caves and chasms, whose total number exceeds 600.

In Natural Park “Vrachanski Balkan” are preserved more than 1,000 species of higher plants. Unique and protected plants within the area are: Campanula jordanovii, Centranthus kellererii, Chamaecytisus kovacevii, Juniperus sabina, Lilium jankae, Slene velcevii and Traunsteneira globosa. Fauna is represented by 1,507 species of animals, including 276 vertebrate species and 1,231 species of invertebrates. “Vrachanski Balkan” is an important nesting place for 120 bird species including: black stork, long-legged buzzard, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, common rock thrush, green woodpecker and others. Over 170 species are objects of European conservation, and 157 species are protected under the Biodiversity Act.
Nature Park “Vrachanski Balkan“ is one of the most important areas for butterflies in Bulgaria. Here one can find Mountain Apollo (Parnassius apollo), European Peacock (Inachis io), Old World Swallowtail (Papilio machaon), etc.

The territory of Nature park “Vrachanski Balkan” is part of the National ecological network “Natura–2000”.

The management of the protected area is carried out by the Administration of “Vrachanski Balkan” Nature Park, established in 1996 within the Forestry Agency (Ministry of Agriculture and food).